Lesson plan for November 27

We will be watching the movie silent running and reflecting on the decision of one man with the social back drop of humanity and culture.  We will discuss the relative worth of Human life as opposed to animal life, robots or AI, and deep felt personal convictions. We will discuss the ethical conflicts that occur when a persons deep held beliefs conflict with societies decisions. 

Sociology Lesson Plan for Week 1 of Second Nine Weeks

Week 1 Oct 23
Teaching days 5
The role of the family tied loosely to Chapter 11
Monday The evolution of the American family this will be a open ended discussion covering the nuclear, extended, single, step, same sex, cross generational,
Tuesday Family dynamics and roles of family members
Wednesday Functional and dysfunctional family conditions
Thursday and Friday internal review of your family challenges solutions and future.

Sociology Lesson Plan for the week of 16 October

This week we will be watching the movie Failsafe and discussing topics of War, Government Authority social class, Inequalities of Race, and gender in the 1950’s and 60’s, Gamesmanship, and Ethics in Research.

In the next few weeks we will be watching The Boy on Striped Pajamas. As we watch the movie we will be discussing several issues including Religion and Sociology, Collective Behavior, Inequalities of Race and Ethnicity, and Power and Authority. This is a powerful movie on the Holocaust and will create emotional responses any parent who deems this inappropriate please inform me and I will provide an alternative assignment.

Week 5 lesson Plan

This week we will begin our first GURPS scenario the setting will be the distant future where sociality has collapsed and a selected group must attempt to correct social wrongs. The initial encounter will be with a feudal society which is experiencing a food shortage. The class is divided into 4 groups three groups represent the feudal society and the last is our group of adventures. The feudal groups must role play according to their castes interests and limitations the team must seek to find a solution by interacting, negotiating, and training the three groups.

Week 3 Lesson Plan

Week 3 Aug 28
Teaching days 5
Students will explore culture and social structure. The student examines world cultures. The student is expected to:
(A) identify the elements of culture to include language, symbols, norms, and values;
(B) explain how the elements of culture form a whole culture; and
(C) give examples of subcultures and describe what makes them unique.
(4) Culture and social structure. The student understands types of groups and their functions. The student is expected to:
(A) describe models of primary, secondary, formal, informal, and reference groups and e-communities; and
(B) analyze groups in terms of membership roles, status, values, mores, role conflicts, and methods of resolution.
M GURPS character creation, T C2 Terms W-F Roleplaying with GURPS Focus on societal stratification and Communism.

Sociology Week one and two Lesson Plan

Week 1 Aug 17th
Thursday and Friday Introduction and One Survivor Remembers
Week 2 Aug 21
Teaching days 5
Students shall learn
(A) to describe the development of the field of sociology.
(B) identify leading sociologists in the field of social science, including Auguste Comte, Emile Durkheim, Herbert Spencer, Max Weber, and Karl Marx, and interpret their contributions to the foundation of sociology; and
(C) identify sociologists such as W. E. B. DuBois, Booker T. Washington, Robert E. Park, Harriet Martineau, Jane Addams, Robert Nisbet, and Julian Samora and interpret their contributions to the field.
(2) Foundations of sociology. The student understands how society evolves and cause and effect of social and institutional change. The student is expected to:
(A) differentiate types of societies such as hunting and gathering, agrarian, pastoral, industrial, and post-industrial;
(B) identify and describe the types of societies that exist in the world today;
(C) examine changes in U.S. institutions and society resulting from industrialization, urbanization, and immigrant assimilation; and
(D) analyze information about cultural life in the United States and other countries over time.
Text book C1 S1-3
M C1 Terms T Lecture, W-F Introduction to GURPS, Friday C-1 Test

Welcome Sociology Students

Welcome Sociology Students,
Sociology is the study of human interactions, social structure, institutions, stratification, and collective behavior. During our 18-week adventure, we will develop a basic understanding of sociology as a science, and I hope a much deeper understanding of human interactions and the complexity of individual perspectives, desires, and skills.
The tools we will use in this class are your Textbook, a Role-Playing Game System most likely G.U.R.P.S, and most importantly your imagination, emotions, and reasoning ability. The Text Book will provide the background and terminology of sociology, The Role-Playing System will put you in various situations that you will have to work thru to solve social dilemmas. Your imagination and reasoning will be required to help you understand alternative outcomes and the ramifications of social action.
I expect all students to participate in classroom discussions, and come to class prepared, tests will be scheduled one week in advance and projects will be assigned at least two weeks before the due date.
Class rules are very simple.
1. Be on time.
2. No food or drink in the classroom.
3. Come prepared for class each day.
4. If your head is down you are asleep.
5. School rules are class rules.
6. The use of electronic devices is prohibited without my expressed permission.

School supplies.
1. Pencil and pen (not red) Your text book is to be brought to class unless I tell you not to.
2. Notebook paper (any kind as long as it is white)
3. Chrome Book

Grading System
Tests 60%
3 to 4 vocabulary tests per 9 weeks
1 individual project or Essay per 9 weeks
1 Group project per 9 weeks
Daily Work 40%
1 quiz per week (normally pop quiz) this can take many forms
Weekly participation grade (rule violations reduce this grade)
Home-work (very infrequent)
Class work assignments
This is the normal grading system there may be some six weeks with fewer grades.
Excused absence: you may make up missed work with no penalty but you need to ask for the work, don’t wait for me to find you and remind you.
Unexcused absence: NO makeup allowed 0.00.
I look forward to meeting each of you, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.
Clifford L Barnes Jr.