Sociology Lesson Plan for Week 1 of Second Nine Weeks

Week 1 Oct 23
Teaching days 5
The role of the family tied loosely to Chapter 11
Monday The evolution of the American family this will be a open ended discussion covering the nuclear, extended, single, step, same sex, cross generational,
Tuesday Family dynamics and roles of family members
Wednesday Functional and dysfunctional family conditions
Thursday and Friday internal review of your family challenges solutions and future.

Sociology Lesson Plan for the week of 16 October

This week we will be watching the movie Failsafe and discussing topics of War, Government Authority social class, Inequalities of Race, and gender in the 1950’s and 60’s, Gamesmanship, and Ethics in Research.

In the next few weeks we will be watching The Boy on Striped Pajamas. As we watch the movie we will be discussing several issues including Religion and Sociology, Collective Behavior, Inequalities of Race and Ethnicity, and Power and Authority. This is a powerful movie on the Holocaust and will create emotional responses any parent who deems this inappropriate please inform me and I will provide an alternative assignment.

Week 3 Lesson Plan

Week 3 Aug 28
Teaching days 5
Students will explore culture and social structure. The student examines world cultures. The student is expected to:
(A) identify the elements of culture to include language, symbols, norms, and values;
(B) explain how the elements of culture form a whole culture; and
(C) give examples of subcultures and describe what makes them unique.
(4) Culture and social structure. The student understands types of groups and their functions. The student is expected to:
(A) describe models of primary, secondary, formal, informal, and reference groups and e-communities; and
(B) analyze groups in terms of membership roles, status, values, mores, role conflicts, and methods of resolution.
M GURPS character creation, T C2 Terms W-F Roleplaying with GURPS Focus on societal stratification and Communism.