Sociology Week one and two Lesson Plan

Week 1 Aug 17th
Thursday and Friday Introduction and One Survivor Remembers
Week 2 Aug 21
Teaching days 5
Students shall learn
(A) to describe the development of the field of sociology.
(B) identify leading sociologists in the field of social science, including Auguste Comte, Emile Durkheim, Herbert Spencer, Max Weber, and Karl Marx, and interpret their contributions to the foundation of sociology; and
(C) identify sociologists such as W. E. B. DuBois, Booker T. Washington, Robert E. Park, Harriet Martineau, Jane Addams, Robert Nisbet, and Julian Samora and interpret their contributions to the field.
(2) Foundations of sociology. The student understands how society evolves and cause and effect of social and institutional change. The student is expected to:
(A) differentiate types of societies such as hunting and gathering, agrarian, pastoral, industrial, and post-industrial;
(B) identify and describe the types of societies that exist in the world today;
(C) examine changes in U.S. institutions and society resulting from industrialization, urbanization, and immigrant assimilation; and
(D) analyze information about cultural life in the United States and other countries over time.
Text book C1 S1-3
M C1 Terms T Lecture, W-F Introduction to GURPS, Friday C-1 Test

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